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We can provide you with a safe payment solution while increasing your net earnings

  • AcePayMe-EPS provide a simple timesheet in, invoice out, payment in, payment out solution.


  • We provide gross payment services to self-employed professionals who work via an agency in a contract position overseas.

  • With over 100 years combined experience in financial services, our friendly and dedicated team work in partnership with recruitment specialists, end-clients and contracting personnel to provide an alternative to on-payroll employment.


  • We are able to pay our professional contractors gross income, so we can offer you control over your tax position as well as increasing your net earnings, all without compromising your employment status.


  • AcePayMe-EPS is a registered payment provider, so we can ensure compliance and transparency in the services we offer to you.



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  • No sign-up or exit fees


  • Competitive processing fees with nothing to pay when you’re not on assignment

  • Dedicated customer services team who deliver a personal and tailored service

  • Everyday payment processing at no extra cost

  • Free to receive corporate pre-paid MasterCard so you can shop and pay anywhere in the world as well as make ATM cash withdrawals

  • Only paperwork necessary is for registration purposes, then we provide an ongoing service hassle-free

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How does our solution work?

Benefits for you

  • You provide your services to your client or agency as a self-employed professional contractor.

  • You have a Sign-on Agreement with us.

  • We have a framework agreement for the supply of sub-contractors services with the client or agency

  • We invoice your agency/client on your behalf, and if required can provide you with a "self-billing" invoice.

  • On receipt of funds from your client/agency we deduct our fee and pay the balance to you when and where you want it, perhaps split or taking advantage of the optional international MasterCard facility

  • You are responsible for paying your social insurance contributions.

  • You are responsible for declaring and paying your income tax liabilities

  • If you are a UK expat contractor we can offer third party expert assistance with your annual self-assessment tax return.

If you'd like to find out whether you are eligible for receiving gross income payment and what our fee rates are, please Click Here
For answers to any other queries you may have, please Contact Us
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